Money Mindfulness

Our money mindfulness program will improve your financial well-being and relationship with money.

Make money moves, mindfully

Our money mindfulness foundation program increases your confidence in your ability to achieve your financial dreams.

During the foundation program, you will receive daily messages for 4 weeks that prescribe short activities encouraging you to think about your financial goals and relationship with money. The program is designed to help you take action.

The program costs EUR 6.99 per week and runs for 4 weeks. We have paused the program while we make upgrades to improve the experience. We will restart the program late Spring 2024.

To get early access and a discount to the upgraded program, fill out the form below and join the waitlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
The program is designed to be flexible with your lifestyle while still empowering you to improve your financial well-being.
  • The program is 4 weeks, has a set structure, and costs EUR 6.99 per week plus VAT (~EUR 35 in total)
  • You will receive a text message every day during the 4 weeks at a time that you choose prescribing a 2-3 minutes money mindfulness activity
  • The activity every Monday is to complete a brief check-in form 📋
    • AI is used to adjust the program to your needs based on your check-in form
    • The check-in form is the only time you are asked to actively interact with the program
    • when you complete a weekly check-in form, a donation will be made to charity.
What do the daily messages do?
The daily messages improve your financial well-being, by:
  • 🗓️ Helping you establish a daily habit of thinking about your money, so the topic causes more curiousity and action and less anxiety.
  • Supporting you in prioritizing your financial goals in your daily life
  • Improving your relationship with money
  • Empowering you to take concrete steps toward your financial goals
Who is it for?
The program is for you if you:
  • Haven't been able to get better at budgeting and saving despite wanting to
  • Earn plenty, but don't have any savings and have trouble handling unexpected expenses, whether good or bad (e.g., a tax bill, a birthday gift, a new phone, a holiday with friends)
  • ... and that surprises (or upsets!) you every time
  • Get anxious when you think about money or your financial security
  • Have financial goals but struggle to prioritize them and make progress
  • Are overwhelmed by your goals and are unsure how to move forward
  • Can't live the life you want due to your low financial literacy
  • Have poor financial well-being
Who isn't it for?
The program is not for you if you:
  • Know exactly what you want, how to achieve it, and are making good progress
  • Want to be told exactly what to do to achieve your goal and when to do it (e.g., "make a budget according to the 50/30/20 rule today!")—our web app is what you need.
  • Cannot spend 2-3 minutes a day for 4 weeks thinking about how to make your life better